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Frequently Asked Questions

The #1 question in the gluten-free community about products at the grocery store used to be "is it gluten-free?"

As a result, we now have a much larger selection of products that are easily idendifiable as GF and readily available in most grocery stores, however we're now faced with a much tougher question..."which gluten-free products are right for me?"

With help from respected authorities & experts in the gluten-free market, we've developed an innovative online resource designed to navigate through thousands of products from hundreds of brands, and easily use the information you find in your every day life. In a matter of seconds, find gluten-free products that meet your dietary needs (complex or simple) on your phone, tablet or computer.

There is no 'one size fits all' gluten-free diet, but rather thousands of variations based on allergies & intolerances, preferences (organic, vegan, non-gmo, etc..) and even based on manufacturing practices (certifications, dedicated GF facility, testing). Not only do we have all the information needed to easily find products that meet all these needs, we've added tools that save you time and energy (shopping list, favorites list, record private notes to any product).

Food & Health Professionals

Never again spend more than a few minutes providing clients with an updated shopping list of gluten-free products that meet any combination of complex dietary needs. Using our detailed filtering system, our professional accounts provide professionals with a cloud-like system to manage unlimited clients with their own diet profiles and create unlimited lists for each client/patient.

The system is also designed for professionals to make their own lists for their own professional use (ie - high fiber breads with flax). Either way everything takes just seconds and every list is automatically updated daily with our system, so once you've done your research, it keeps updating! has almost 10 years of experience managing and sifting through huge amounts of data to deliver product information that matters to you in an easy & transparent manner, allowing you to manage your unique gluten-free diet easily and with peace of mind.

Known for our gluten-free candy lists at Easter and Halloween, we've spent years working with respected authorities & experts in the gluten-free market to ensure that we provide a solution for the entire the gluten-free community.

Our system is expertly designed to chop through the data efficiently and regularly. We run reports daily to ensure no products have the potential to 'slip through the cracks'. If it's good enough for our co-founder and his child who live a healthy 'celiac-strict' gluten-free diet using this system, we're extremely confident that you'll love it too!

Years of experience managing this data confirms that product information is constantly changing and that what was true yesterday may no longer be true today. An online portal with direct access to brands offers much better long-term reliable and accurate product information vs any printed product information. No matter how credible the source, information printed on paper is only good for so long.

We will never divulge or share any personal information required for subscription with any third party. We are so committed to this that all personal information is encrypted before it is recorded in our database, so if ever a hack occurs your personal information will not be legible.

We do not sell advertising to brands that takes away from space to improve your experience, nor do we sell the ability to rank ahead of other products. Our system is designed & built to help you find the products you are looking for, no matter how complex your gluten-free diet is, period.

We do not waste your time including irrelevant products. Foods that are normally gluten-free such as plain and unprocessed fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, poultry and eggs are not included. Instead, we research and include gluten-free products we think will save you time.

Use one or more of the following search filters to find products that match your needs:

  • Country (products sold in USA or Canada)
  • Brand
  • Categories/Subcategories
  • Allergens and Special Diets (priority allergens, vegan, fodmap, organic, non-gmo, etc..)
  • Nutrition Parameters – specify maximum or minimum values for calories, fat, sodium, sugar, fiber and protein
  • GF certifications and other manufacturing information
  • Keywords (product name, ingredient in product, ingredient not in product)