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General Mills 'Gluten-Free' ... Trick or Treat?

As we have been stating for years (from our own research stemming back from the days where General Mills announced they were going to start producing GF foods), and thankfully now being spread through bloggers that have our back like Shirley from Gluten Free Easily when she recently wrote that "General Mills’ actions clearly show where its priorities lie and they’re not with the health of the gluten-free consumer".

When hundreds of companies happily shared with us their manufacturing protocols and disclosed the steps they take to ensure a safe final product, it was immediately suspect that General Mills would NOT share this information with us despite our repeated requests. While many General Mills cheerleaders are now being forced to change their tune in order to maintain some credibility in the face of the reckless actions taken by General Mills lately, we want to highlight that this behavior is NOT new and likely is not contained to only their Cheerios line of foods.

With so many AMAZING companies producing delicious gluten-free options, why are we as a community supporting the one company that deceives us and refuses to be transparent about something that has an immediate impact on our health?

Maybe it's all the blind support that General Mills receives from key bloggers and the main gluten-free advocacy groups .... but in the face of such blatant disregard for the gluten-free consumer by General Mills, ask yourself why these groups and so-called experts who are supposed to have our best interest at heart would speak out against Domino’s but not General Mills? Some of these experts are even on the record applauding General Mills and calling them both “responsible” and “concerned” ... seriously?!

Heck at least Domino's came right out and said that their 'gluten-free' pizza was not celiac safe!

Maybe it's the gluten-free magazines that have run full-page ads for gluten-free Cheerios and promoted them via their publications and social media. As Shirley also mentions in her great article, "even as so many individuals were getting ill, these publications were waxing poetic about how wonderful it was to have 'gluten-free' Cheerios available and see 'gluten-free' Cheerios commercials".

Bottom line: General Mills has not made a true commitment to making a safe environment for producing gluten-free food or for testing gluten-free food before they sell it to gluten-free consumers. As such the team at myGlutenFacts.com is not publishing any of the General Mills candy that can be found in stores across North-America this Halloween.

We encourage you to read this GREAT article written by Shirley at Gluten-Free Easily. It is well written and provides links to all the information you need to make your own decision about whether or not you can ever again trust General Mills or many of the organizations that we have come to trust with our health. Read it here